Advisory Services 

In recent years, economic and societal pressures have significantly increased the burden and responsibility of the federal, provincial and municipal sectors. The many funding challenges have forced most organizations to do more with less. Subsequently, there is significant pressure in the public sector to:


• Have transparency and accountability

• Develop strategic, financial and resource plans to meet stakeholder (public) service expectations

• Address the challenges of a shrinking workforce and aging population


Our experience working with public sector clients gives us the significant advantage of understanding the issues that affect organizations today, including:


• Fiscal accountability

• Infrastructure deficit

• Declining funding and increased costs • Transparency and efficiency through financial reporting systems

• Talent management

• Declining technological infrastructure


To counteract these challenges, the public sector will need to find new sources of funding, manage costs, make the necessary investments in key areas as well as recognize the value of needed costs, and overhauling outdated systems and processes.